iSolar cleaning systems

The iSolar accessories system is a complete modular solution that offers all the necessary products for your cleaning needs, from water connections to brushes. This system is also compatible with many Kärcher pressure washers, meaning, existing pressure washers can usually be used to operate iSolar. Because the system is modular, we can build a custom solution to fulfill any requirement.

Why Choose Karcher Solar Cleaning?

Solar panels lose effectiveness due to environmental elements like rain, dust, soot, pollen, leaves and bird droppings. To keep a solar system functioning at its full potential, it is recommended that components be cleaned two to four times a year. A professional pressure washer in combination with a spinning brush attachment and a telescopic lance is the best way to clean solar panels efficiently.

iSolar 400 rotating disc brush

The water-driven iSolar 400 disc brush features a working width of 400 mm and is especially suitable for cleaning small to medium-sized photo-voltaic systems. Thanks to the low weight and easy handling, even elevated systems can be conveniently cleaned.

iSolar 800 rotating disc brush

The water-driven iSolar 800 brush head with 800 mm working width works with two contra-rotating disc brushes and is used for cleaning photo-voltaic systems. The contra-rotating brushes balance out all transversal forces, guaranteeing optimal handling. The

Safety kit

Certified, standard-compliant safety system for safe working on roofs. The fall protection includes a traveling fall arrestor with shock absorber and 49.2 ft kernmantle rope, safety harness, an anchoring loop for fixing the safety machine, as well as a practical metal box for storage and transport.

iSolar HP Hose

The high-quality and flexible high-pressure hose with rubber outer covering is suitable for use in combination with the iSolar TL 7. The outer skin of the hose features especially good sliding properties – ideal for extending and retracting the telescopic wand.

RM 99 solar cleaner

RM 99 Solar Cleaner is specific for cleaning solar and photovoltaic systems, and it’s perfectly adapted to their unique surfaces. Its highly efficient, gentle on materials, biodegradable and removes even stubborn and greasy stains.

Shut off valve

Shut off valve for iSolar telescopic wands (has to be ordered separately).

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