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Cuda Top-Load Parts Washers use pressurized hot water and specialized industrial detergents with rust inhibitors to clean parts automatically – increasing productivity and saving money while protecting your workers from nasty solvents and manual scrubbing.

Why Choose Cuda Parts Washers?

 With Cuda Automatic Parts Washers, you simply load the parts, close the lid and push START. A single parts washer can typically support three to four technicians or mechanics, who would otherwise spend hours washing parts by hand. Cuda lets them concentrate on more productive, income-producing jobs which means your Cuda parts washers can pay for itself in a year or less. Cuda industrial parts washers are based on safe aqueous cleaning, so you eliminate the potential health hazards and disposal problems related to solvent use.

Compact Parts Washer

The Cuda 2216 is a compact top-load aqueous parts washer with a turntable diameter of 22 inches and a working height of 16 inches, making it a great work height for many commercial applications.

Top Load Parts Washer

With its patented spray wash technology, Cuda’s SJ top load parts washer eliminates the need for drive motors. Its water-propelled spray arm and nozzles spin to clean parts from every angle.

Industrial Parts Washer

With its 1000-lb load capacity and smaller frame, Cuda’s 2840 parts washer provides the right power and size for a variety of industries. Features a turntable diameter of 28-inches.

Large Capacity Parts Washer

With a working height of 60-inches and turntable diameter of 48-inches, the Cuda 4860 is one of the largest parts washers in the lineup. This unit boasts an impressive 5000-lb load capacity.

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