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Rugged, dependable, long-lasting. You won’t find a better industrial pressure washer for cleaning jobs.

Finding your Landa pressure washer in Tucson, AZ & Albuquerque, NM

Landa pressure washer dealer Boyd Equipment, with Tucson, AZ and Albuquerque, NM locations, are renowned for their exceptional industrial cleaning capabilities. These machines are celebrated for their robust construction, making them ideal for tackling tough cleaning tasks. From removing stubborn grime to maintaining industrial facilities, Landa pressure washers consistently deliver powerful, reliable cleaning results.

Boyd Equipment’s decision to offer Landa pressure washers reflects their commitment to providing high-quality cleaning solutions. Backed by knowledgeable sales teams and skilled technicians, Boyd Equipment assists customers in selecting the right Landa pressure washer to suit their unique cleaning needs.

Landa’s reputation for excellence aligns perfectly with Boyd Equipment’s mission to deliver efficient and dependable industrial cleaning solutions. Whether customers require maintenance, repairs, or new purchases, they can trust Boyd Equipment’s Tucson, AZ, and Albuquerque, NM locations for access to Landa pressure washers, ensuring their cleaning requirements are met with professionalism and quality.



Mounted on wheels so the pressure washer can be moved to the cleaning action.

Stationary: Used most often in fixed wash bays where portability is not needed. All of our Landa pressure Washers can be portable units, except the SLT & SXT Series.


Indicative of industrial models; the belt connecting the engine or motor with the high-pressure pump dissipates the heat and vibration, minimizes the wear and thus the repair on key components, and extends the life of the pump by reducing the RPM demand.

Direct Drive

Pump is directly coupled to the engine or motor causing the pump to spin twice as fast as the belt drive models; not recommended for medium to high volume usage.

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